UKHCymru calls for hospitality to be made a ‘beacon’ for Welsh recovery

UKHospitality Cymru has called on the Welsh government to ensure that hospitality is made one of the five central “beacons” of the country’s recovery process.

The statement comes in reaction to plans of a “five beacon” recovery strategy that were announced to senedd members by the Welsh economic minister, Ken Skates.

UKHCymru argues that the government needs to follow up its recognition of “just how vital hospitality is to the Welsh economy” by including the industry in the economic reconstruction and recovery mission planned for 2021.

David Chapman, executive director at UKHCymru, said: “Hospitality can be the phoenix-like provider of a resilient resurgence if backed strongly by Government across Wales

“We are battered but not broken and can bounce back from the seismic shocks and commercial catastrophes of 2020 to be the solid and reliable cornerstone of the new Welsh economy.”

Chapman added that by making hospitality the “lynchpin” of a new Welsh economy, the boost to local employment and tourism can build a “vibrant foundational economy”.

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