2 days ago

    New Egg-based restaurant launches in London

    Eggoland, a new egg-based restaurant, is set to open in London on 12 August. 
    2 days ago

    Hospitality businesses miss out on £100.2bn in sales due to Covid

    Hospitality businesses have suffered a £100.2bn drop in sales from pre-pandemic levels in the 15 months since the start of…
    2 days ago

    Shepherd Neame performs ahead of expectations since reopening

    Shepherd Neame, the British brewer and pub owner, claimed it has performed “ahead of our expectations” in terms of cash…
    3 days ago

    Roots head chef confirms plans to step down

    Sean Wrest has confirmed that he will step down from his position as head chef at Michelin-starred Roots in York,…
    3 days ago

    Hospitality investment slumps 52% in Q1

    Investment in the hospitality industry reportedly dropped 52% year-on-year to £649m in the first three months of 2021.


      2 weeks ago

      Fixing the staffing shortage goes beyond changing self-isolation rules

      It’s not new news, the hospitality sector is facing a staffing shortage crisis. A study conducted by CGA and Fourth…
      2 weeks ago

      New dispute resolution service offers fresh hope to solve bank complaints

      The Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS) launched earlier this year – what does it offer businesses in the hospitality sector?…
      3 weeks ago

      Becoming a scalable business through successful crowdfunding

      It’s one thing to identify a growing market, establish an innovative route into the sector, and reach a point of…
      4 weeks ago

      Are apps the answer to tackling food waste in the hospitality industry?

      ‘Magic bags’ from the surplus food app ‘Too Good To Go’ have become something of a viral sensation across social…
      Wednesday, 30 June 2021, 16:19

      Flexi-apprenticeships are the answer to the dwindling hospitality workforce

      Whether it was a quick bite at a café, a meal at a restaurant, or a pint at the pub,…
      Monday, 28 June 2021, 11:52

      Hiring a chef from outside the UK post-Brexit

      The double whammy of Covid-19 and Brexit have created a recruitment crisis in the hospitality sector, with some businesses reducing…
      Tuesday, 27 April 2021, 11:00

      Luxury dining in the wake of a pandemic

      The taste of widely delicious food, a hypnotising tinkle of jazz piano and the reassuring pop of a bottle of…
      Monday, 26 April 2021, 12:00

      Refugee to rising restaurant star

      “I arrived in England on the back of a lorry,” says Sohail Ahmad as he reflects on his journey to…
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