Purezza ‘triples the size’ of Camden site

Vegan pizza joint, Purezza, has announced plans to “triple the size” of its Camden branch, making it “one of the biggest vegan restaurants in the UK”.

The extension, which marks the first part of the restaurant’s expansion plans for 2020, includes a new sheltered garden for al-fresco dining, as well as a large extended bar. 

The refurbishment has used only recycled or eco-friendly materials, and Purezza said its focus on sustainability has “extended to the build and interior” of the new restaurant. All furniture is from both its previous site and discarded items from other restaurants. 

The wall plaster is made from sustainable hemp, while its upholstered furniture is made from vegan leather and recycled plastic bottles. The site’s mirrors and lighting are made with recycled and reclaimed materials, and its seating booths are made from the site’s previous flooring. 

Purezza was the first vegan pizzeria to launch in the UK, and currently operates one other branch in Brighton. After the opening of its Camden site in 2018, the group won National Pizza of the Year.

Tim Barclay, co-founder and co-owner of Purezza, said: “Our flagship London restaurant has been struggling to keep up with demand throughout 2019. The single biggest complaint we receive is that it’s almost impossible to get a table most nights. 

“It’s a good problem to have, but providing exceptional customer experiences is one of our core tenets at Purezza, and by tripling the size of our Camden restaurant we’ll be able to meet the demand.” 

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