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Army chef receives highest award in the Royal Logistic Corps

Army chef Simon Griffiths has been awarded the highest trade honour in the Royal Logistic Corps as Conductor, in a ceremony in Hampshire with the Duke of Gloucester the guest of honour.

He is one of five Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) Senior Soldiers to have been granted the position of Conductor this year.

Griffiths joined the army in 1998, serving all over the world from Belize to Kenya and Germany to Cyprus. During the early part of his career the experience he gained in catering prior to joining the army made him the best fit to support household staff officer duties.

He was selected to conduct executive level roles where he worked for the chief of the general staff and members of the royal family.

As a senior tradesman in the army, he leads a team of over 2,400 regular and reserve military chefs and has to demonstrate his technical knowledge along with the drive to lead and develop his trade group forward into an exciting and dynamic place to work.

Griffiths said: “The army has been a fantastic adventure, far better than I could ever have imagined; I would recommend it to anyone. Michelin stars are an amazing achievement for those who strive to attain them, but the rewards gained for supporting those who selflessly serve to protect our country is at the next level.

“I have never had a dull day, the opportunities that are quite literally thrown at you make it a truly unique environment to work in. More importantly the chefs, by their very nature, make every day full throttle and exciting; I am very lucky.”

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