Fool-Proof Guide To Serving Hot Drinks

Whether you are running a cafe, bar, pub or serve drinks for conferences; devising a successful and profitable coffee offer takes considered planning. To cover all bases, consider these four key areas.

Know your beans

It doesn’t matter if you opt for single origin, pure arabica, a blend or coffee which has been passed through the digestive system of a cat (Kopi Luwak – civet cat coffee), as long as you are using a reputable supplier, with good support and the beans have a balanced flavour profile which suits your customers’ preference, you will be on track.

When choosing a coffee supplier be sure to ask lots of questions about the origin, ethics and roast profile of the beans. The taste of a ‘good’ coffee will always be subjective so it’s important to find a supplier who mirrors your values, as well as a great-tasting bean.

Maintain your machines

Whether you’ve gone for a top-of-the-range coffee machine or one to suit a more modest budget; your espresso machine is the source of a huge percentage of your income. Proper care of this equipment is essential to keeping your business profitable. Keep up-to-date with servicing, boiler inspections and water filter changes to minimise
breakdowns and loss of revenue.

Train, train, train

There is no getting around it – properly trained staff make better quality drinks. We invest a lot into up-skilling staff and don’t let anyone near the coffee machines until they’ve sat in on one of our barista training sessions. The best coffee in the world, in the hands of a rogue barista, could be ruined in seconds so bite the bullet, invest in training and see your sales grow.

Think outside the box

Catering for everyone is so important, now more than ever before. Be sure to offer decaffeinated coffee as many people will request their favourite drink minus the fire power and expect it to be just as high-quality as the fully-fuelled version. A selection of dairy-free milks are also a must for appealing to a larger customer base. With
veganism on the rise, more people expect the freedom to choose a range of options for their coffee. If you can’t cater for all requirements, expect a very narrow customer profile and limited repeat business.

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