Ensure your guests remain charged

It is nearing summer 2021 and we can see how industries have been impacted by the world events so far. Out of these testing times new ideas have been emerging especially when it comes to waves of digital innovation. As the hospitality industry is on the pathway to a full reopening now is a good time as any to review trends in the hospitality industry.

New trends point towards a shifting focus to adaptive environments in order to satisfy consumer needs and tackle the ever growing online competition, where digital content is always at the tip of their fingers. What’s undeniable is that to flourish again the hospitality industry will have to adopt technology trends so they can adapt their businesses to stay relevant.

Hospitality trends are also adopting a variety of smart technologies that bring benefits of reduction of operational costs whilst improving guest experience, this of course brings new sources of revenue. We can confidently guess that the most successful businesses in the future will be those that are investing in data systems that analyse and collect personal data which can then be turned into countless marketing opportunities.

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It is now estimated that 44.81% of the world’s population owns and uses a smartphone with the number equating to around 3.50 billion people. The steady increase of smart phones with their numerous apps and instant access to information has changed the way we communicate and make decisions. The majority of the population now rely on their phones as they’ve become part of our everyday lives.

Research suggests that by 2023 mobile device users will increase to 7.33 billion and that by 2025 72% of all internet users will be using smartphones exclusively to access the internet. To put this into perspective this means almost everybody will have access to online streams and each household will have at least one smartphone user. That is a big leap in the changing modernisation of our world, meaning ways of booking holiday stays, restaurants and digesting information will be altered.

So how can you best equip yourself for the reopening of your business? It’s all about understanding how your customer needs have changed and recognising what technological solutions exist for the problems they face.

Let’s put ourselves in the perspective of a customer. They are trying to find your venue and get lost without any directions other than google maps, noticing they are on the dreaded last percent of battery. They have forgotten their charger once they reach your venue and are worried about contacting the person they are meant to meet. This all builds to a negative experience in your venue or even event. At FlashCharger we have noticed the need for battery support especially in a post pandemic world.

Our aim is to make sure everyone has access to energy support services and that is why in over 250 locations across the U.K. we have set up power bank stations with trusted partners to ensure you are always in charge of your business and technologically equipped to face modern needs. We share a cut of rental profits with you to help with the hospitality industry’s sales stream or promote social responsibility. We support a number of charities through a share of profits this way. We connect our community through a large database of users on our App where we can customise marketing and location finding services. Whether wanting to upgrade your hotel reception, events space or outdoor seating we have a perfect machine for you, free to install in the next three months. For more information get in touch via email at natalie@flashcharger.co.uk or check out our website.

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