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‘London’s smallest Irish pub’ opens in Islington

London’s smallest Irish pub” is set to open on Essex Road in Islington on 1 February.

Homeboy currently operates a pub on the road and will open the new pub in one of its back rooms. The new pub will have seating for just eight and standing room for 30, with the drink selection featuring whiskey highballs, Hop House lager, and Guinness. Bar owners, Aaron Wall and Ciarán Smith are behind the new opening following the initial pub’s launch in December last year.

Wall described the new pub as being “all about modern Irish hospitality”, adding: “That to us means the same warm, laidback hospitality you get anywhere in Ireland paired with the skill and knowledge of some of the best bars in the world. Many of the ideas Ciarán and I have made in the bar have been from having funny chats. Like – what will we do with the back room?

“We thought, well, everyone has seen little cocktail bars hidden in big bars, but has anyone see a cocktail bar with a hidden Irish pub?”

The pub will feature a bell system for ordering pints so that those in the small number of seats do not have to get up and risk losing them. The pub will launch by showing the start of the upcoming Six Nations rugby tournament.

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