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Healy Group takes on fourth Star Pubs & Bars substantive lease

Southern pub operator, the Healy Group, has taken on its fourth substantive agreement with Star Pubs & Bars and is undertaking its first major investment with the company to refurbish the Regent’s Park Hotel in Southampton.

As much as £412,000 is being spent on the site which will see food introduced and 10 new jobs created. The pub will be closed for four weeks and will offer food, coffee, BT and Sky Sports along with weekly live entertainment and craft beers when it reopens in May.

The Healy Group currently has a total of 26 pubs in its estate, 13 of which are Star sites. The group’s estate stretches from London and the South coast to Oxfordshire and consists of a mix of free houses, leased pubs and pubs run on temporary agreements.

Marion Healy of the Healy Group, said: “Our intention was always to take the pub to the next level with significant investment. It now has that in place and as a result will offer something different for the area. Up until now, residents and local workers have had to travel to enjoy what they’ll now have on their doorstep. We see it as a real opportunity to create a fantastic business as there really isn’t anything like it within a four-mile radius.

“We’ve got a good working relationship with Star Pubs & Bars going back nine years. The support they provide including training is a real bonus. Our business has grown with them and we’d like it to continue to do so.”

She added: “Our vision is to have 30 leased pubs ultimately. There’s been investment in our pubs, but this is the first major transformational refurbishment we’ve done together. We’re very much looking forward to creating a premium local pub that residents can be proud of.”

Neil Convery, regional operations director at Star Pubs & Bars, added: “We’ve worked with the Healys for many years, they’re great operators. They know Southampton really well, have high standards and a real understanding of what people want. They took the Regent’s Park on a temporary basis to get to know the neighbourhood better and saw that there was a real need for a better quality offer in the locality, including great value food, coffee and live sport.

“The Regent’s Park needed ongoing investment to ensure it keeps pace with changing consumer needs and stays relevant to the community it serves. We’re delighted to be investing in the Regent’s Park with the Healys to create an outstanding local in the area.”

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