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Fuller’s set to axe one in ten jobs

Fuller’s may end up laying off one in ten of its staff, according to chief executive Simon Emeny, who confirmed the ‘‘inevitable’’ plans in an interview with the BBC.

Currently, the pub chain employs around 5,000 members of staff, which means 500 jobs are likely to be lost.

Emeny criticised the introduction of the government’s 10pm on hospitality establishments as ‘‘illogical’’ and ‘‘ill-conceived’’.

Also, Emeny took aim at the government’s decision to encourage the public to work from home as this will hit Fuller’s city-centre pubs, the majority of which are in London.

Emeny said: ‘‘The biggest challenge we have around job losses is in central London, because the current Prime Minister’s announcement last week to discourage people from going back to the office is having a big impact on city centres and in particular Central London.

‘‘There are elements of the Prime Minister’s job that I don’t envy him but I also think there are significant elements where he has made continual mistakes and we have seen the government do u-turns on five or six key decisions.’’

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