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Consumers spending more on nights out, reveals new data

Consumers are spending an average of £69.64 on a night out, according to the latest quarterly figures from the Deltic Night Index.

This marks a 3.9% increase in spending year-on-year.

The new data, published by the Deltic Group, also revealed that 26-30 year olds spend more than any other age group, spending an average of £75.24 on a night out over the quarter.

Some 58.8% of respondents said they go on a night out at least once a week, compared with the 53.9% who reported this last year. 

Amongst 18-30 year olds, this figure was 78.6%.

The pub was the most popular destination for respondents, with 25.6% saying that they spent the most amount of money at the pub over alternative forms of late-night leisure. Meanwhile, 25.1% of respondents said that they spend the most amount of money at bars and clubs.

The survey also predicted a welcome boost to the sector over the festive period, with 42.3% of those surveyed saying they go on nights out more over Christmas. 

Some 47.8% said they would spend more money than usual during this period, and The Deltic Group said that the boost to this quarter’s spending was undoubtedly due to festive celebrations.

Peter Marks, chief executive of The Deltic Group, said: “We know that consumers celebrate occasions by going on a night out, and what bigger occasions are there than Christmas and New Year? 

“So it’s perhaps unsurprising to see this reflected in the results; more than 50% of Brits believe that a big night out is a good way to celebrate the end of the year, and as the figures show, we certainly will be celebrating.”

He added: “Here at Deltic, the festive period is one of our busiest times, and we are looking forward to delivering fantastic, safe, entertaining nights out for our customers through Christmas, New Year’s Eve and beyond.”

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