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One in five hospitality workers planning to quit in next 12 months

The figures come from a study conducted by mental health charity the Burnt Chef project - which also found that 42% of general managers in the industry reported a decline in their ‘overall level of mental wellbeing’ since the UK hospitality industry reopened

One in five people are planning on leaving the hospitality industry in the next 12 months, according to a new study conducted by the Burnt Chef Project, a group which provides mental health support for the UK hospitality trade.

The survey, which questioned 2,143 UK based workers, also found that 40% of respondents have struggled with their mental health over the past 12 months, with around one in six reporting it has been “not good”. 

It was discovered that general managers are finding that the pressures of the industry impact their mental health the most with 42% reporting a decline in their “overall level of mental wellbeing” since the UK hospitality industry reopened. 

However, 60% of individuals report feeling “okay’” or “better” about working in the industry, with the group stating that this shows there is “a large proportion of the workforce keen to stay”.

When asked what changes would improve recruitment and retention in hospitality, the majority said, “feeling valued”. 

Furthermore, “unsociable” and “unpredictable” hours were a barrier to one in five, whilst salary and stressful working environments were also frequently cited barriers. Only 4% of those asked highlighted job security as a concern.

Benjamin Souza-Morse, project ambassador and owner of The Salutation Inn, said: “Things have to change to ensure the survival of the industry, sadly it’s all too often seen as normal practice to work 80 hours a week with no respite.  

“I am constantly adapting my business to try and meet its commercial needs but more importantly the needs of our team, we look closely at: maximum hours, consecutive days off, weekends off, competitive pay rates, free staff food, staff trips.”

He added: “These are just some of the things which attract and retain staff and we will be working closely with The Burnt Chef Project to ensure that we are an employer of choice, who focus on the mental health and well-being of our staff. 

“If businesses recognised the needs of their team, the whole sector could produce a better balanced, desirable profession to work in.”

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