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Bidfood cuts sugar content in its ice cream

The sugar content in foodservice supplier Bidfood’s Everyday Favourites ice cream has been reduced by 23%, to fall in line with Public Health England’s (PHE) target to reduce the sugar content in nine food categories.

The reduction in the four flavor ice creams helped Bidfoods achieve the 2020 target in one year. This initiative, in support of The Childhood Obesity Plan, fights childhood sugar consumption targeting nine categories in which cakes, ice creams, and biscuits are included.

Bidfood also made efforts in reducing the sugar content in its baked goods by 19% on average, reformulating recipes for Everyday Favourites tray cakes including Victoria Sponge, Carrot Cake, Lemon Drizzle, and Coffee and Walnut.

The brand controller at Bidfood, Holly Marrero Easson, said: “At Bidfood, we support the work being undertaken by the government to reduce the consumption of sugar, and we are continually working towards PHE’s sugar reduction targets across our own brand products.

“Our Everyday Favourites ice cream reformulation is a fantastic example of this responsible work, achieving a substantial reduction in sugar while ensuring a high quality is maintained.”

Marrero also explained some ‘smart swaps’ Bidfood added on its products as another effort to cut sugar without damaging their quality.

She added: “For example, in our lemon drizzle tray cake we now use Sicilian lemon drizzle instead of syrup and the Victoria Sponge now contains strawberry filling with a higher fruit content.”

Bidfood will introduce other reformulated products later this year.

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