Deliveroo to invest £1m to develop healthier UK takeaway brands in 2020

Deliveroo has announced plans to spend £1m promoting healthy eating across the UK and bring “greater choice” to UK consumers in 2020.

This major investment will increase the range of healthy options on the platform and will support partner restaurants in developing healthy meals and menus.

It comes after Deliveroo said it witnessed a sharp increase in demand for healthy food over the past three years, with a 181% rise in healthy orders, and reached a milestone of 4,000 healthy restaurants on the Deliveroo platform – an increase of 257% over the past three years.

Deliveroo added it is tapping into a “growing consumer trend”. Deliveroo data also shows that cities such as Exeter (359%) Newcastle, (273%) Cardiff, (251%) Leicester (248%) and Sheffield (205%) have seen a faster demand for healthy meals than the capital (193%) over the past three years.

Will Shu, founder and CEO of Deliveroo, said: “Deliveroo’s approach is simple. We want to increase the choice of delicious, healthy takeaways to our customers in 2020.

“That is why we are investing £1m this year to develop a range of nutritious menus and support restaurants to offer healthy meals across the UK.”

Rhiannon Lambert, a registered nutritionist, said: “I have teamed up with Deliveroo and devised a range of healthy takeaway options. We have created a menu of mouth-wateringly quick, affordable and nutritious meals.

“The partnership aims to combine my experience as a Registered Nutritionist with Deliveroo’s nationwide reach to increase the number of healthy takeaway options across the nation.

She added: “Our approach couldn’t be more straightforward. We want to boost healthy eating patterns across the UK and dispel the belief that healthy food is expensive, hard to find and can’t taste delicious.”

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