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Domino’s, Nando’s and Deliveroo brands most targeted by hackers

Global cybersecurity firm DynaRisk has discovered a hunger for hacking food delivery companies in the UK, with platforms including Deliveroo, Domino’s, Papa Johns and Nando’s among those most targeted.

The research found that cyber criminals are sharing ‘cheat sheets’ for hacking tools used to break through site defences at scale, with sectors such as food delivery companies being amongst the most popular targets.

In addition, it was found that millions of accounts could be vulnerable; hackers simply need to obtain stolen email address and password combinations, combine them with these cheat sheets and feed them into hacking tools. If they discover a match, they’ll be able to break into the food delivery service as the victim.

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Andrew Martin, CEO and Founder of DynaRisk, said: “Unfortunately, consumers often use the same log-in credentials across a number of different platforms – and seldom consider the security of their personal data when benefitting from the convenience of platforms such as Deliveroo.

“It takes only one cybercriminal to hack a site’s defences and share this knowledge with the community, leaving accounts vulnerable to credential stuffing and fraud.”

He added: “Sadly, the truth is that companies can never do enough to protect customer data, however, constant investment and training needs to be put in place to ensure customer information is safe. Businesses need to be able to anticipate and prevent new threats and need knowledge of how easy it is for hackers to access unsecure data.”


Most Targeted Food Delivery Brands
Papa John’s
Pizza Hut
Boost Jucice Bars
Boost Juice
Five Guys 
My Protein 
Taco Bell 
Which Which 


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