A career in hospitality doesn’t have to be short-term: Q&A with Cairn Group

According to new research conducted by national hospitality group Cairn Group, a third of hospitality staff quit their job within only six months. Richard Adams, HR director at Cairn Group, told us why hospitality careers are believed by many to be temporary and what the industry can do to retain more staff

What were the key findings of the research conducted by Cairn Hotel Group regarding staff perceptions in the hospitality industry?

The findings from our new research are alarming and highlight the concerning feelings of many people towards our sector – something that has been an issue for many years. From finding that almost a third of staff wouldn’t plan to stay in a hospitality job longer than six months, to over half of adults believing that a job in hospitality is one without progression, it’s quite clear that there are many misconceptions that we as an industry must be committed to tackling.

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