The Set Brighton announces permanent closure

Chef Dan Kenny’s The Set restaurant in Brighton has revealed its permanent closure on 31 March 2021.

The establishment, which has been running for six years, offers a 14+ course tasting menu to just 12 customers from Monday to Wednesday each week, in a dining experience that lasts for over three hours.

Situated in the Artist Residence hotel, Kenny has asked his customers to return to the restaurant before its closure so that they can help “close the chapter”.

He said, via a post on Instagram: “After almost 6 years residing and working alongside Artist Residence this chapter is coming to an end. 

“We will be leaving our residence at the hotel on 31st March 2021. We want to close the chapter by putting out the best food we have ever cooked, so please do book in to come and say goodbye with a final meal with us.”

Despite the closure, Kenny confirmed that there is a possibility The Set can “live on” in a different style.

He added: “The new year may bring us a new home, or we may look at new projects such as pop-ups, exclusive private dining and some other stuff (once we think of it).”

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