Oowee Vegan launches first site in Brighton

Plant-based diner Oowee Vegan has launched its first site Brighton.

The group’s plant-based menu offers a range of American diner-style vegan dishes such as ‘beyond meat’ burgers, vegan fried ‘chicken’ and sriracha ‘shrimp’ loaded fries.

Their signature dish is ‘The Big Oovee’, made up of a beyond meat patty, signature dirty sauce, american cheese, hash browns, gherkins and lettuce.

The vegan restaurant started off as a ‘virtual brand’ of burger joint Oowee Diner in a London-based Deliveroo Editions site, with the aim of recreating its menu, but with entirely vegan ingredients.

However, its success on Deliveroo meant that it soon earned its own bricks-and-mortar site, which now provides vegan burgers to Bristolians.

Verity Foss, founder of Oowee Vegan said: “Our goals are to continue to invent and create food that is mouth-watering, delicious and is something everyone can enjoy – from meat-eaters to vegans.

“We focus on creating and developing new products that are for everyone, without focussing on cliches of what vegan food used to or ‘should’ be. Our mission is to bring people together with our culture and our food, and having had great success with this in Bristol, we can’t wait to spread this to Brighton – and one day, the world.”

A spokesperson from Deliveroo said: “We’re incredibly proud to see how far Oowee Vegan has come over the space of a short few years. What originated as an experimental plant-based virtual brand in Bristol, has moved from success to success, and we have no doubt their launch in Brighton will follow the same trajectory.

“It’s been quite the journey so far for our Restaurant of the Year 2019 winner, and we’re proud to be with them every step of the way.”

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