Vegan protesters booed out of Brighton restaurant

Vegan protesters have been booed out of a Brighton restaurant by diners after they played sounds of animals being slaughtered and chanting “it’s not food, it’s violence”.

The incident happened at Brighton’s Touro Steakhouse, where diners replied to the vegan hecklers by booing and then chanting: “You’re not singing anymore,” once the protesting had been silenced. The activists remained on the premises 20 minutes protesting and arguing with staff before they left to stand outside.

A spokeswoman for Direct Action Everywhere Brighton said: “In a time where we are experiencing mass environmental destruction, largely due to our unsustainable and unethical food choices, it is paramount that we put our egos and selfishness aside and accept that we are all connected, we are all animals.

“We can no longer ignore the suffering and pain we cause. We are not the only sentient beings that inhabit this planet.”

The restaurant have confirmed that the police were called however they did not attend the incident. A Touro Steakhouse spokesperson told Catering Today: “Was everything fine [SIC], was a pacific protest and didn’t make any damage for us .”

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