Brighton’s The Fix to permanently close

Brighton-based cocktail bar The Fix, within Artist Residence hotel has announced its permanent closure.

Chef Dan Kennedy confirmed the closure via an Instagram post, which said: “Sad news unfortunately. We won’t be returning.

Covid-19 has hit our industry hard and made it too difficult for us to now run this concept in this space. The hotel however will continue to offer a drinks offering in the building.

He added: “A huge thank you to everyone who’s joined us over the years and enjoyed a drink here. Big thanks to all the bartenders who tirelessly improved the bar with their hard work.”

In a separate post, The Set restaurant, also run by Kennedy said: “Due to the impact of Covid-19 we’re having to make some changes here at the restaurant.

Kenny launched The Set in 2015 and took over for Artist Residence’s breakfast offering.A year later, he was appointed head of the hotel’s food and beverages operations.

“We don’t quite have a starting date yet as we’re holding tight and seeing what happens over the next few weeks. It’s crucial we time this well for several reasons.”

It added: “When we do return we plan to operate 4-5 nights a week on one extended tasting menu. The plan is to create a really special dining experience. Multiple courses, drinks pairings and hopefully a really memorable meal for you. Similar to our ‘chef’s table’ experience but bigger, better and more thoughtful.

“Thus meaning we’ll no longer be running breakfast, lunch or Sunday service. We are very proud of the offerings we had in place for these times and like to think we’re ending them on a high note.”

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