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ASA bans ‘misleading’ Deliveroo ad

A Deliveroo TV ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being “misleading”.

The TV ad, seen in September and October 2019, showed a woman taking a delivery from a Deliveroo driver at her front door and then distributing meals from various restaurants around the house from a single bag, into which she dived head first towards the end of the ad before emerging.

She called out the name of each restaurant or type of food as she handed over the meals: “Chinese, KFC, Wagamama, Greek salad, Pizza Express, Burger King, Five Guys, Doner, Buon Giorno Italiano, prawn crackers”.

However, the on-screen text stated: “Geographical restrictions apply. Separate orders must be made for each restaurant”.

The complainants, who understood each restaurant would need a separate order, each incurring a delivery fee, with each meal then delivered separately, challenged whether the ad was misleading.

In its assessment, the ASA noted that Deliveroo customers would need to make a separate order for each restaurant from which they wanted to order, these would then be delivered separately, with each order incurring a delivery fee.

It recognised that the ad did not show a typical house or a typical delivery, and that viewers would appreciate the ad was not showing a “real-world scenario”.

It did however acknowledged Deliveroo’s “willingness” to include additional on-screen text to clarify the nature of their service, but deemed it not “sufficient” to alter the overall impression that their customers could order food from different restaurants to be delivered together.

The ASA said: “The ad must not be broadcast again in its current form. We told Roofoods Ltd t/a Deliveroo, if showing deliveries of food from multiple restaurants, to take care not to misleadingly imply that multiple meals could be delivered in a single order, and not to misleadingly omit material information about delivery charges.

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