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Sodexo partners with Veganuary with new menu launch

Sodexo has partnered with Veganuary, the non-profit organisation that encourages people to try vegan during the month of January, in response to the growing number of consumers who are reducing their meat consumption or adopting a fully plant-based diet.

Sodexo sites across many sectors and industries in the UK and Ireland, including schools, government offices, hospitals and corporate sites, will boost their daily offers with additional plant-based dishes available throughout January and the rest of the year.

Some of the dishes will feature ingredients from the Future 50 Foods: those identified by environmental charity WWF and Knorr as being the “most sustainable for the planet”.

In 2019, Sodexo chefs worked with Knorr and WWF to develop a number of recipes featuring some of the ingredients, such as green lentil risotto with amaranth and cauliflower, and mushroom, puy lentil and spinach korma.

The menus will also feature “every day favourites with a vegan twist” such as ‘tofush and chips’ and ‘fake and ale pie’.

David Mulcahy, Sodexo’s culinary ambassador, said: “We know that there are growing numbers of people turning to plant-based diets to improve their health and reduce their impact on the environment. We also know from our own Global Workplace Study that 80% of employees think having access to vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian options in the workplace is important.

“We are increasingly adding plant-based meals to our offers, and Veganuary is the perfect opportunity to shine a light on them to bring them to the attention of people who might not otherwise try them.”

He added: “We’ve created exciting menus that feature dishes that people might usually associate with meat to help make plant-based foods more accessible to a wide range of our customers, and we hope that this will encourage customers to introduce more vegan foods in their diets beyond their new year health kick.”

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