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Harwood Arms becomes first Michelin star site to offer vegan meat

The Harwood Arms has partnered with plant-based meat company THIS to become the UK’s first Michelin star restaurant to offer vegan meat on its menu.

The menu at the London gastropub will now feature the “meat-free Glamorgan scotch egg”, using THIS plant-based bacon to “mimic the taste, texture and appearance” of meat.

The partners pointed to the increased demand for meat-free options from diners over recent months. According to Mintel, an estimated eight million Brits are now eating a record amount of plant-based food.

Furthermore, the Harwood Arms said its move to plant-based is based on research on the market’s increased prosperity during the pandemic and predicted continued growth.

Following a report by Meticulous Research, the gastropub said the global meat substitute market is expected to reach $17.5bn (£13.6bn) by 2027 (at a compound annual growth rate of 15.1% between 2020 to 2027).

Andy Shovel, co-founder of THIS, commented: “Meat alternatives have often been met with skepticism by Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs so I was actually quite emotional when the Harwood Arms team told us they wanted to put THIS on their menu.

“Our collaboration represents a major step forward in plant-based food innovation where products are now so realistic, they are welcomed into the world of fine dining.”

Sally Abé, head chef at the Harwood Arms added: “The venison Scotch eggs at the Harwood Arms have become a much-loved favourite on our menus over the years, so we knew that if we were going to offer a vegetarian version, it had to really deliver on taste and texture.

“We spent a great deal of time perfecting the recipe and the addition of THIS has given us just what we were looking for.”

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