HIT Training launches hospitality academy

HIT Training, the apprenticeship provider for the hospitality sector, has launched the ‘HIT Hospitality Academy’ as a new initiative to enhance hospitality service.

The academy offers ‘high-quality training’ provided by a practical programme focused on delivering customer service, which, according to academy principal Jeremy Scorer, will lead to growing levels of productivity and an “increased customer satisfaction”.

Apprentices will benefit from workshop-based training that will polish their skills, hone their craft and boost job satisfaction and productivity. These trainings will take place at partnered client sites such as distilleries, vineyards, roasteries, and breweries.

Scorer added: “It’s an exciting time to be working in the industry. Consumers have a wealth of choice at their fingertips, from the style of food they wish to eat, to where they’re going to enjoy it. The one area you must shine as a business is customer service and yet foundation skills in this area are often overlooked. That’s why we’re so passionate about giving apprentices the tools they need to do the best job possible.”

Managing director at HIT Training, Jill Whittaker, said: “Let’s not forget that investment in staff training has been proven to have a significant impact on staff recruitment and retention – in fact 80% of companies who invest in apprentices report an increase in staff retention. It really is win win.”

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