Chopstix launches two learning programmes

Last year Chopstix filled 184 positions via internal promotions and hopes that these programmes will continue that trend

Chopstix has launched two new learning programmes, the Chopstix Degree programme and ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix Diploma’.

The Chopstix Degree programme launches this year, in partnership with Arden University, with the business expecting 50 Chopstix colleagues to register for the programme in the first year.

The three-year course designed and delivered by the university will be open to all Chopstix staff meeting length of service criteria, and provide them with an opportunity to gain a recognised qualification in Chartered Management Degree Programme.

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Chopstix will be investing back into the cohort, with those enrolled in the course given the opportunity to present their work to the Chopstix board.


The Pic ‘N’ Mix Diploma’ is purely funded by the business and run in partnership with IBAT College Dublin.

The new diploma programme, equivalent to a level 6/7 qualification, will offer Chopstix employees the chance to study across 45 different modules so that each employee can tailor their development to their own interest and career goals.

Last year Chopstix filled 184 positions via internal promotions and hopes that these programmes will continue that trend.

Tricia Hamilton, Chopstix head of people, said: “Having analysed feedback from our teams, we know career progression is one of the core influences on employee satisfaction. We want our staff to see Chopstix as a business where there is significant opportunity for progression to senior roles, and where they can develop the skills needed to maximise their potential.

“We believe the launch of these two new study programmes takes Chopstix to the next level as an employer that can attract and retain top talent. The courses designed by Arden University and IBAT College Dublin are excellent and will no doubt help our staff to meet their career goals.”

Menashe Sadik, co-founder and director, added: “From the outset, our people have been our number one priority at Chopstix, and the fact we’ve been able to develop and retain so many great people has been decisive in our ability to grow at the speed we have.

“Sam and I have spent our entire lives working in hospitality. We’re passionate advocates for this sector and the opportunities it creates, and these programmes are further proof of just how much you can achieve with a job in hospitality.”




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