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Elior launches new Foodsmiths brand

Contract caterer Elior UK has launched its new Foodsmiths brand, which brings together all its services for owners and operators of attractions, venues, events and stadia.

The new brand promises  handcrafted, delicious, healthy, imaginative food, made with fresh ingredients, from sustainable sources, cooked and prepared freshly on site, then served by staff trained to create a service ethos of warmth and professionalism.

Elior will also be rolling out a Foodsmiths branded café and restaurant format for clients who want a separate food service identity on site.

According to the group, Foodsmiths has been designed to “accelerate” Elior’s expansion in a sector it believes will “benefit from greater innovation in catering and hospitality”.

Kenny Finlayson, Elior UK managing director and head of the Foodsmiths brand, said: “Under the Foodsmiths portfolio, our focus is on delivering food and service formats that maximise the quality of the customer experience and enhance the clients’ brand reputation and commercial returns.

“Foodsmiths gives us the platform for doing what we’ve done successfully in other sectors of our business – joining up the very best value adding thinking and methods from right across Elior, in the UK and internationally, to create a great and constantly improving customer experience.”

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