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Welsh restaurant requests to ‘hand back’ Michelin star

The Checkers restaurant in Montgomery, Wales is attempting to give back its Michelin star after holding the accolade since 2011.

According to the Shropshire Star, the restaurant owners no longer want to feature in the Michelin Guide, which is set to be released on 1 October, as the company is “changing the direction of its business”.

Owners Stéphane Borie, Sarah Francis and Kathryn Francis now want to expand the business and cater to private clients across the UK and Europe. The restaurant will also reportedly relaunch as Checkers Pantry in mid-November.

Sarah Francis said: “Of course it is tinged with sadness – we have treasured our star for seven years, it is the ultimate benchmark of our trade. To say we are in effect giving it back is huge.

“But it is also exciting as we open The Checkers to a wider audience while staying true to what we all love – truly delicious food, a relaxing and friendly atmosphere in one of the most beautiful towns on the border. The change will be friendlier for our families too – all of our children are in school from September, it is the perfect opportunity for us to make a commitment to daytime trade.”

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