Five tips to make the most out of Dining Out to Help Out

The restaurant industry has taken a huge blow thanks to COVID, but this month the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme means we can all do our bit in helping the industry get back on its feet – but how can you make the most of it, safely? No matter where you are, take note of the below tips to make every penny count: 

1. Use this as an opportunity try things you wouldn’t have tried before! When else would you be able to have lobster, steak, caviar in a Michelin starred restaurant and save 50%? The scheme has given us all an excuse to try something new, or perhaps our expensive favourites we’re usually wary of ordering. 

2. Choose to sit outside – its August after all! The scheme has timed itself well so that you can enjoy an English summer, as well as giving you more protection. Being out in the open means you’re not as enclosed and have more space to social distance. I’m sure everyone is tired of being stuck inside so what a great excuse to enjoy the great outdoors.


3. Download a mobile ordering app. The future of eating out is in the palm of your hand! Our app FETCH has been designed so that you can view menus, order, even pre order and of course pay from your own device. What’s more, inbuilt is a hospitality first for location technology meaning staff can easily find you no matter where you are – restaurant, festival, pub garden, the possibilities are endless! 


4. Book restaurants that weren’t bookable before. This one is more specifically for London, with restaurants like Barrafina , Flat Iron, Dishoom and Tin Tai Fun who were once no reservations restaurants now taking bookings. This means you are guaranteed a table, all knowing they are following safety guidelines.


5. Use an excuse to see friends whilst supporting the industry. It’s been a tough time for all industries, but the hospitality industry has been given this amazing lifeline, so make the most of it – without having to pay full price – and invite a friend too. You’ll be able to meet, enjoy amazing food without having to pay full whack knowing you’re helping to keep someone in a job, or a business afloat.


By Jason Jeffreys, Co-Founder and CEO of Fetch

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