Taking on the trends of 2019

As a compelling social media presence becomes an ever more important marketing tool, it’s essential to monitor the latest design trends and implement them in your restaurant or hotel. Nothing encourages guests to snap and share their experience like striking and up-to-date design.

Even if your current interior is working well for you, it’s not too soon to think about changing things up. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Many of the trends set to be hottest in 2019 can be implemented without a total re-design in most spaces. On the other hand, if you’re already thinking about overhauling your design, there are several up-and-coming trends which might inspire you to take your new look to another level.

We’ve put together a run-down of the trends set to blow up next year—both the brand new and the old(-ish) trends that are going from strength to strength. Plus we’ve got a few tips on how you might integrate these trends into your restaurant or hotel space.


This year designers are reaching for colours that invoke the peacefulness of nature. Warm shades like burnt orange, glowing beiges and earth tones are going to be big. If you want to bring some of this palette to your space, the key is to pick complementary cooler tones for balance. Nudes and plant greens are bang on trend here.

Crittall Styling

Crittall is already the go-to style for doors and windows. In 2019, it’s going to move into the room. Expect to see Crittall-styling popping up in room dividers, bars and other internal features. As well as being sleek and on-trend, Crittall-styling is extremely functional, especially for creating zoning in restaurants.


Velvet was everywhere in 2018, from the catwalk to interiors, but if you haven’t embraced it yet you’re not too late. It’s going to be even bigger in 2019. Upholster your furniture in velvet to bring instant luxury to any space.


Concrete has been on trend for many years as a backdrop in industrial interiors. This year concrete is going to move into the foreground as a feature in its own right, especially in mixed-media installations and design features. It’s popping up everywhere, from wallcoverings to tabletops.

Indoor greenery

Biophilic design is here to stay. A ‘living wall’ is the most exciting way to bring this trend into your space, but there are easier and more subtle ways to incorporate greenery into your design. Individual potted plants are set to be huge in 2019. We love these plants by The Little Botanical. The beauty of individual pots is that you can mix and match different shapes and sizes of plants to create a unique and atmospheric effect. A great starting point is to pair small succulents with bigger plants, like a monstera (called the “Swiss Cheese Plant” for the striking holes in its leaves) or a scindapsus. Tie the plants to your space by choosing pots which complement your existing design.

If you’re redesigning from scratch for 2019, indoor greenery makes the perfect complement to this year’s colour palette of warm and earthy tones.

Feature spaces

Everyone in the hospitality industry knows how important it is to have that “it” space. An eye-catching feature space brings in continuous custom and encourages guests to share their experience on social media. Feature spaces are set to keep getting bigger and better, but the fundamentals remain the same. Anchor your space with showstopping furniture: whether it’s a chaise-longue in the foyer or oversized armchairs at the bar. Make your space even more Instagrammable with an original wallcovering, like these gorgeous designs by our friends at Robin Sprong. A well laid-out feature space can also be practical, dividing your space and creating privacy for your guests.

Mid-century modern

The mid-century aesthetic went quiet in 2018, but that doesn’t mean it went out of style. Let’s face it: mid-century will never go out of style. In 2019, it’s going to roar as loud as ever, with furniture silhouettes inspired by Aalto and Eames.

Mixed metals

Like concrete, metals have been a big part of the industrial aesthetic for a while now. This year, designers are creatively pairing stainless steel with copper, or brass with bronze, to create bold statement finishes for everything from bar counters to light fixtures.

By Liam O’Donnell, director of Valdivian Furniture, a British furniture manufacturer that specialises in bespoke, hand crafted contract furniture

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