Latest trends in baking for 2019

With over a hundred bakers creating the most amazing celebration cakes, biscuits and sweet treats. Noreen Khan cofounder of MY BAKER, the cake concierge shares some of the upcoming trends for 2019.

  • Vegan cakes

The popularity of veganism has definitely set a trend this year, with more and more people understanding the benefits and embracing the plant-based diet.

The baking of vegan cakes has been around for years but 2019 will see bakers getting creative in the kitchen. Taking inspiration from old favourites like Black Forest Gateau, the vegan cake has become an opportunity to showcase creative baking flare and talent. Incorporating unusual ingredients like quinoa and tofu to make truly delicious cakes. Vegan baking is becoming an exciting exploration into weird and wonderful flavours and textures and is certainly not a compromise on taste.

  • Healthy / superfood cakes

2018 was the year of the turmeric latte and matcha cake. More and more people are looking for a ‘superfood’ or added health benefit in their sweet treat. In 2019, the biggest superfood trends are hemp and moringa (like matcha). Hemp is an excellent source of minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium, all of which are known to improve your health and skin. A cake that’s good for you? Now that’s the dream.

  • Ice cream cakes

Ice cream cakes are always a firm favourite, regardless of weather because it’s never too cold for ice cream! 2019 is set to see the ice cream cake really take off, with unusual flavours rippled throughout creatively sculpted masterpieces. Envisage an afternoon tea ice cream cake, including tea and scone ice cream.

  • Raw cakes

Rather than individual portions, raw cakes are being made bigger and better. These previously delicate cakes will now be supersized this year and taking on a different form. Love the inside out cake or piñata cakes? Then this season why not try a raw option, filled with dried fruits and avocado chocolate balls.

  • Number cakes

The personalisation of cakes has become hugely popular on the high street and we’re seeing numerous bakers creating giant number cakes. A thoughtful cake that’s perfect to celebrate life’s milestones. The layered cakes are a light ‘naked’ victoria sponge, layered with cream and topped with fresh fruit. We’ve heard fig is the new flavour du jour.

  • Drip cakes

2019 sees the reinvention of last year’s ever classic and well-loved drip cake. Never heard of a drip cake? Then are you in for a treat. Think of your favourite booze creating a delicious icing that drips perfectly over an array of tasty flavoured cakes.

  • Balloon cakes

Perhaps the biggest trend to grace the baking world this 2019 is the fun party twist on the humble cake. We’re now seeing balloon cake toppers adoring cakes. These balloons come in a variety of colour combinations to match your cake and are excellent for special occasions and those showstopper moments.

  • Wedding – the 3D cakes

Brides love to personalise their weddings and for 2019 we are expecting this to be even more unique than before. 3D cakes have been a big trend in 2018 with many people creating their favourite movie or action figure for a celebration cake. We are expecting brides to start asking for replica 3D cakes either of themselves, their wedding dress or something very personal to themselves.

By Noreen Khan co-founder of MY BAKER, a service which connects independent bakers to customers looking to order personalised cakes

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