Get your daily fix: the latest coffee trends

Figures revealed earlier this year by the British Coffee Association show that Brits are drinking a staggering 95 million cups of coffee a day. This is an increase of 25 million from a decade ago, when the figure was 70 million each day. To help operators capitalise on this growing popularity purchasing company Beacon has teamed up with its leading suppliers to identify the very latest in coffee trends.

Tom Gray, buyer at Beacon, commented: “Despite the uncertain economic conditions, insight from our suppliers shows that consumers are still increasing spend on coffee purchases. Factors such as high quality coffee, consumers’ consumption patterns and barista training should all be seriously considered. This will help operators maximise their coffee sales in a saturated market, and deliver a desirable experience as opposed to just a drink.”

Summer sippin’

Iced drinks are becoming increasingly popular within the coffee sector, with 40% of consumers having purchased one in the last 12 months, and 30% saying that an iced blended coffee is their favourite option, according to our supplier Matthew Algie. Consumers now expect to see a form of the refreshing beverage in all cafe environments, and not having one could damage a consumer’s perception of an establishment. By offering a variety of iced drinks, operators will be able to meet market demand and balance out lost revenue on hot drinks during the summer period.

Got milk? Think again…

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of health and nutrition, factors that are deeply embedded into the UK coffee market. Research from Matthew Algie highlights that 60% of consumers place importance on a sugar-free option. By including healthy milk alternatives such as almond and soya milk, free-from and non-dairy options, operators will be able to satisfy consumer dietary requirements whilst also reaching a wider demographic and increasing sales.

It’s all in the serve!

Alongside high quality coffee and a diverse offering, it is also essential for operators to ensure that their baristas are fully trained. Insight from Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) indicates that an understanding of the equipment can have a better effect on the overall aroma and flavour of the drink. By thoroughly training baristas, operators are able to use their staff to create a full experience out of a coffee.

Stuart Haden, coffee expert at JDE commented: “Serving the perfect coffee is not just about choosing the best quality coffee, it is also about having an understanding of how the equipment used can have an effect on the overall aroma and flavour; be it the training of a barista or making sure the precise setting of a bean to cup machine is correct, both of these will contribute to the overall coffee experience.”

The behaviour of coffee consumers

To ensure that establishments meet the growing demand for coffee, it is crucial operators consider consumer behaviour and habits. Research from an Allegra report commissioned by JDE reveals that consumers get their coffee-fix for a number of reasons; 58% purchase coffee to satisfy functional needs, 43% for indulgence and 27% for socialising. By offering a variety of coffees, such as lattes, cappuccinos and americanos, as well as a relaxed and pleasant sitting area, operators will be able to successfully meet the needs of all types of coffee purchases.

Tom continues: “To ensure that operators are able to meet consumer demand, it is vital that they consider the whole experience: the quality of the coffee, the offering and the serve. By revitalising a coffee offering, operators will be able to get ahead of the competition, reach a wider demographic and boost sales throughout the year.”

by hospitality and leisure purchasing company, Beacon

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