Business interior spring/summer trends for 2019

The spring/summer season is fast approaching us; the weather is getting warmer, the evenings are becoming lighter and the sun is shining brighter. This means it’s now time put away the heavier throws and textured pillows and think about creating a more summery feel for hospitality and work spaces.

There is a wide array of new seasonal trends coming through this spring/summer time; some recycled from last summer that have been carried through and some new, fresh trends. Whether you are looking for a complete makeover for the new season or just to make a small change, below are some ways to add the upcoming summer trends and create a welcoming, chic and on-trend space for your guests:

Mix and match patterns

Completely opposing the huge trend that is minimalism, the mix and match trend can be difficult to pull off. However, if done right this trend can look extremely sophisticated and chic. The key to ensuring you get this right is to maintain the same tone throughout the colour palette for the chosen patterns. Make sure the items you would like to clash all have the same level of softness and that nothing drastic stands out – this will make it all visually balanced. Additionally, use plain furniture and wallpaper to bring the entire look together.


This was the go-to colour last season, so if you revamped your space throughout winter and opted for the mustard colour, you are one step ahead of the game this coming summer season. On the other hand, if this trend is something you now want to incorporate, there are a few simple ways to do.

Adding decorative items such as vases, cushions and rugs is a simple, easy and cheaper way of adding mustard into your space. If you’d like a bigger change, creating a statement wall in either block mustard or using a wallpaper that is mainly mustard is a great way to transform an area.

Mustard is a versatile colour and works fantastically with other colours such as navy blue, grey, pastel pink and obviously a crisp white – if you are aiming for a mix of colours, these are definitely ones to look out for.

Mid-century modernism

This trend has been around for numerous seasons and is still going strong. Similar to the minimalist trend, mid-century modernism involves sleek lines, limited colours and a variety of shapes and sizes. Use a select few colours – perhaps a statement colour and then neutrals – but let the shapes and lines do the talking. For example, adding pendant lights and layering them will add an interesting affect.

Raw and natural

Another style that has managed to continue through from winter into summer is the raw and natural trend. People love the use of natural materials such as wood or stone to give their interiors a rustic feel. This trend is best integrated through classic designs and furniture such as tables, chairs and shutters as these popular items work well with an unfinished look. Sustainable and natural products are in high demand at the moment due to the rise of environmental knowledge, so this look is bound to be popular with your guests.

These trends are all set to be huge this coming season and incorporating any of them into your hospitality space will definitely be a hit with customers new and old. Experimenting with any such trends over the coming months will ensure you create a stylish and fresh interior for your guests and visitors.

By Liam O’Donnell, director of Valdivian Furniture, a British furniture manufacturer that specialises in bespoke, hand crafted contract furniture

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