The benefits of mobile refrigeration in the catering industry

Being able to keep produce frozen or chilled is essential to those in the catering industry.

While traditional methods of refrigeration such as static walk-in fridges are effective in storing produce that has to be kept at a specific temperature, mobile refrigeration offers greater flexibility, utility and functionality.

Indeed, static refrigeration units can store food and drink in bulk, but if they malfunction or breakdown, mobile refrigerated trailers offer a quick-fix solution to ensure produce stays frozen or chilled, while, ultimately, business can continue as normal.

Although mobile trailers are an effective back-up solution in unfortunate breakdown scenarios, they are also a beneficial stand-alone asset for on-the-go caterers, or those who can be privately booked to cater at events.

Outdoor weddings, for example, are becoming more popular than ever in the UK and caterers who possess a refrigerated trailer can offer their services almost anywhere, no matter how rural or isolated the location.

The same applies to events and festivals too, and with most trailers on the market offering up to 2,000kg of storage in up to 20 cubic metres of space, catering for large guest numbers becomes practically effortless.

Most top-of-the-range, bespoke trailers come equipped with heavy-duty chiller capabilities which include surplus cooling power and rapid temperature recovery, ensuring produce is kept at the optimum temperature to preserve its quality.

Another benefit of using mobile refrigeration is the specialised energy-efficient designs that make them more sustainable, something which is increasingly resonated in the catering industry today.

The highest quality trailers come fitted with joint-less ‘Pur Ferro’ high-efficiency insulated single panels, to utilise energy usage.

In addition, refrigerated trailers can also be switched off to conserve energy when not in use, making them more environmentally-friendly than static energy-sucking refrigeration systems that must be kept on around the clock.

And, with most trailers being available to rent out for one-day events or emergency situations, they offer a significantly cost-effective alternative to purchasing long-term static refrigeration.

Overall, mobile refrigeration can be an additional asset to caterers who offer their services on the road, whether it be for small, exclusive events or large festivals.

They can also be set up as a catering business in their own right, with many butchers, delicatessens and street food vendors choosing to run their business from the portable and practical trailers.

No matter how a business chooses to use mobile refrigeration, its abundance of energy efficient and environmentally-friendly capabilities make it a useful acquisition for the modern day caterer.

By Ross Pushman, managing director of Coldtraila, UK-based organisation for fridge and freezer trailer sales and rental. It supplies refrigerated trailers for events, weddings, shows and festivals.

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