How to keep fruit from spoiling this summer

Spring has finally sprung, and it won’t be too long before Britain bathes in sweltering summer heatwaves – if the past few years are anything to go by!

In fact, last year the UK experienced one of the hottest heatwaves on record as temperatures soared well above 30C, which resulted in a hosepipe ban and an amber-level heat health warning.

For a country known to have a fairly mild climate, when the sunshine does come out in full force people tend to make the most of it, but for those in the catering industry overexposure to heat can cause spoilage in produce – especially in fruit.

For market stall venders and farmers markets, keeping fresh fruit in pristine condition in high temperatures can become particularly tricky without the right resources.

It’s an incredible shame to see farmers and growers put a lot of time, money and effort into producing fruit for consumers, only to see their hard work and often livelihood take a hit due to their produce rotting in relentless heat.

However, by using a refrigerated trailer to keep fruit protected from the sun, market stall vendors can ensure that the quality of their produce isn’t tarnished, and the consumer is guaranteed fresh goods on purchase.

The reason refrigerated trailers are suited to preserving the quality of fruit is that they can be set to a specific temperature, whether that be chilled or frozen, which stall venders can then manage and control to keep the fruit at the optimum level required.

Mobile refrigerated trailers are also easily transportable, and due to their size, can store fruit and other goods in bulk – ultimately taking away storage space as an issue altogether.

Typically ranging from 2.5 metres to four metres, refrigerated trailers not only have the ability to store large quantities of produce, but also offer a safe and secure space to keep stock during long days. Some trailers can even be tailor-made into a food preparation area, which is particularly effective and efficient in scenarios where vendors are selling goods at food shows and festivals.

Speciality trailers can also be designed with a service station and nylon rollers, so food can be displayed, prepared and served all from the trailer itself. The sky is the limit in terms of catering with a range of ingredients and serving methods, due to the versatility and multi-functionality of most trailer models on the market.

Additionally, due to the manoeuvrability of mobile trailers, they are ideal for taking on the road to travel to and from markets, whether that be short or long distance. Most quality trailers also come equipped with stability functions and securely lockable doors, ensuring stock is securely protected from being lost or damaged during transit.

Overall, fruit venders can go about their business, safe in the knowledge that if they have a long day ahead at markets or events, their refrigerated trailer’s heavy-duty chiller capabilities, which includes surplus cooling power and rapid temperature recovery, will keep their fruit in the perfect condition for any occasion. This helps to avoid any potential dissatisfaction from customers, whilst ensuring they maintain a reputation for delivering high quality fruit, regardless of any unfavourable heat.

By Ross Pushman, managing director of Coldtraila, the UK’s largest organisation for fridge and freezer trailer sales and rental

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