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UKH Cymru unveils Industry Prospectus ahead of Welsh election

The prospectus emphasis the hospitality industry’s importance to the Welsh economy ahead of next week’s election

UKHospitality (UKH) Cymru has launched an Industry Prospectus, ‘Hospitality in Wales: A Firm Foundation for Wales’ Future’, for the next Welsh government ahead of next week’s election.

The prospectus emphasises the hospitality industry’s importance to the Welsh economy and the need for greater financial support following lockdown.

Among the range of measures highlighted in the prospectus is the creation of a well-funded marketing programme to promote Welsh tourism, an end to unfair business rates and a moratorium on new sector regulations under the Welsh government.

David Chapman, UKH Cymru’s executive director, said: “Hospitality is a major contributor to the Welsh economy and at the heart of local communities across the country. Pre-pandemic, our businesses were a major driver of economic growth, creating jobs in remote rural areas and busy urban streets alike.


“Our prospectus outlines the key policy asks of Wales’ hospitality sector and offers a continuation of our partnership with Welsh government for growth, jobs and investment.”

He added: “It offers continued close consultation and support and points the way forward to the incoming Government to help put the sector in the best position to boost employment jobs, secure growth and play its part in the nation’s economic recovery.”

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