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2,000 pubs remain closed despite indoor reopening

The British Beer and Pub Association revealed an estimated 45,000 pubs reopened yesterday across the country

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has revealed that around 2,000 pubs remain closed, despite an estimated 45,000 pubs reopening in the UK yesterday (17 May).

As of 17 May, hospitality venues, including pubs, were allowed to reopen for service indoors after lockdown.

However, the trade association is warning that social distancing restrictions are preventing pubs from either opening at full capacity, or opening at all, and is urging the government to commit to its 21 June date for the lifting of restrictions.

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Emma McClarkin, the chief executive of the BBPA, said: “After some questionable weather during the last week or so, we know Brits are looking forward to being back inside the pub once more.

“Our pubs have been preparing for this Monday over the last couple of months. We expect 45,000 pubs to open across the UK and 3 million pints to be served on Monday alone.”

She added: “However, that is 1.6 million pints less than what they would have sold on a typical Monday before the pandemic. This is because 2,000 pubs will still remain closed and pubs that do open are limited in their sales by table service and no standing drinking.

“This is by no means the end of the crisis for our sector. We need pubs fully reopened without any restrictions at all on June 21st if they are to survive and trade viably. The countdown to freedom, and recovery, is on.”


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