Edinburgh Marina gains marine works licence

Edinburgh Marina has confirmed today that it has now been granted its marine works licence by Marine Scotland to open less than 2.5 miles from Edinburgh city centre.

The granting of the licence paves the way for the construction of the new 373-berth marina which, will provide 24/7 access to the sea at all states of tide. Edinburgh Marina will be complete with a purpose-built Clubhouse brasserie restaurant and bar.

Edinburgh Marina will also feature a new Hyatt Regency Spa and Conference hotel, with the development set to create over 800 permanent employment opportunities for the local community..

Kevin Fawcett of Edinburgh Marina Holdings said: “The grant of the marine works licence is one small step for Edinburgh Marina and a giant leap for the city of Edinburgh as work can now begin on creating a high-class facility for boating enthusiasts. We are delighted that Marine Scotland has put their faith in our project which will enable Edinburgh to compete for a large share of the country’s £3.7bn marine tourism industry.

“It must be said that Edinburgh Marina is more than a place to sail, our vision from the outset was to create a waterside destination that takes advantage of Edinburgh’s rich cultural appeal, whilst opening up a new route to Edinburgh Waterfront’s stunning stretch of coastline.”

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