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Marston’s to become first in UK to sell bleeding vegan burger

Marston’s has announced it is to become the first UK chain to serve the B12 bleeding vegan burger created by Moving Mountains.

The meatless burger bleeds like a beef one would when cut, as well as also smelling, sizzling and tasting like beef. The burger is set to go on sale for the first time today in all 413 of the chain’s pubs.

Marston’s new burger is released as restaurants, suppliers and supermarkets look to tap into the ever-growing ‘flexitarian’ market, made up of those who enjoy meat but wish to reduce their consumption. As many as 28% of meat-eating Britons have reduced their meat consumption in the last six months according to market intelligence agency Mintel.

The creation of the burger took British company Moving Mountains three years of development with a team of scientists, chefs and farmers who created over 200 test recipes.

B12 burgers are made up of plant protein and use natural ingredients to make the burger replicate animal meat. Oyster mushrooms, pea protein, oats, vitamin B12 and beetroot juice are used to create the bleeding effect.

Nicola Arrow, senior food development manager at Marstons, said: “We have listened to our customers and taken the growing demand for healthier and alternative options across the pub sector as a great opportunity to develop and update our menu. The Moving Mountains B12 Burger not only caters to our vegetarian and vegan customers but also to those who are trying to make more conscious health or ethical choices when eating out.”

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