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More sustainable fish need to be eaten, UK is told

UK consumers are told to replace staple fish dishes of cod and tuna with more sustainable fish.

Dab, hake, mussels, mackerel and herring, are all among the fish suggested by the Marine Conservations Society (MCS).

MCS has updated its online Good Fish Guide with some new additions to its green rated ‘Best Choice’ list.

By choosing from a wider range, the society believes the UK will be putting far less stress on individual fisheries.

As the UK prepares to leave the EU and fisheries talks get underway to try to secure us a bigger share of the fish post Brexit, MCS says now is the time to swap the traditional UK top five favourite fish for new choices.

“We’re suggesting that dab, hake, herring, mussels and mackerel become the new cod, haddock, salmon, prawns and tuna. By choosing from a wider range we’ll be putting far less stress on individual fisheries,” says Bernadette Clarke, MCS Good Fish Guide Programme manager, who suggests a post-Brexit UK Top 10 which includes great tasting fish that aren’t a household name – yet.

“We are currently exporting around 75% of fish caught and landed in the UK, but we’re the ninth largest importer of fish in the world with around 70% of the seafood value entering the UK fish supply chain coming from overseas. By choosing more sustainable sources and keeping it local it will help reduce wasting wild caught fish that are discarded dead because they have less value,” says Bernadette Clarke.

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