Leon outlines ‘industry-first’ sustainability commitment

Leon has announced it is the first business in the restaurant industry to sign up to all 14 commitments put forward by the Council for Sustainable Business (CSB), which calls on businesses to do more in their efforts to be sustainable.

The movie will see Leon join a virtual meeting of over 200 business leaders, who are together committing to plans to make Britain a “global leader of environmentally sustainable economies”. 

The food chain has now signed up to a set of 14 commitments that “encourage businesses to do more”, by reporting on and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and advancing their support of biodiversity. 

The commitments focus on the steps businesses must take to create a sustainable future, encouraging owners to cut carbon emissions and restore nature and wildlife over the next 10 years.

John Vincent MBE, founder and CEO at Leon, said: “Young people are asking what action companies and governments taking to save life on our planet. 

“As CEO of Leon and as the founding Chair of the Council for Sustainable Business I owe it to my daughters to answer this question. Business leaders can start by signing up to the CSB commitments. And by getting other leaders to do the same. And to do so soon.”

He added: “Today’s event brought together the leading leaders of British businesses. Business is not separate from nature. It is part of nature. We have a choice to destroy our planet or to save it.”

Leon is now inviting other restaurant businesses to look at the commitments and explore what can be done within the industry to help.

In a statement, Leon said: “It is hoped that over the next ten years, business commitment to working with the government to deliver a green and resilient economy, aligning government policy and industrial scale to deliver ambitious environmental solutions, will put Britain at the forefront of the global business community and ensure that building an environmentally sustainable economy is back at the top of the agenda.”

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