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Moving Mountains to launch ‘breakthrough’ vegan hot dog

Vegan food manufacturer, Moving Mountains, has announced it is to launch a new hot dog which it claims is “identical” to a pork-based one.

The 10-inch gluten-free hot dog will launch in Unity Diner in Shoreditch next week, after the UK manufacturer previously launched the “bleeding” vegan burger last year. The item’s main ingredients are sunflower seeds, carrots, coconut oil, onion, and paprika.

Moving Mountains founder, Simeon van der Molen claims the hot dog has “an identical taste and texture” to the original meat-based dish.

Van der Molen, said: “Following the success of the UK’s first meatless bleeding burger, our second launch is set to make hot dogs desirable again, giving them a long-deserved revamp. We use sunflower seeds to deliver an identical taste and texture, which is a more sustainable food option for our health and the health of the planet.”

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