Gordon Ramsay to launch culinary academy for novices

The site will also feature the chef’s debut Street Burger restaurant outside of London

Gordan Ramsay has announced that he is set to launch a dual-functioned Woking establishment in Autumn 2021.

The scheme will feature two floors, with the Gordon Ramsay Academy, an educational venue for culinary novices, taking up the top floor of the building.

The ground floor will comprise the seven-Michelin starred chef’s first Street Burger restaurant outside of London

The eatery will offer seven of Ramsay’s statement burgers in an “inviting, casual and relaxed” atmosphere.

Ramsay acknowledged that the project has been “a long time in the making”, presenting guests the opportunity to gain a real culinary experience.

He said: “I know how important mentors are, how important it is as a professional chef to sharpen your skills, to be guided in your training and to gain valuable work-place experience in a professional kitchen environment.  

“Through my network of restaurants and the incredible teams who work with me, I have the ability to offer hands-on, practical, career changing opportunities that will hopefully inspire, motivate and develop a new generation of talented chefs for the future.”

Councillor Ayesha Azad, leader at Woking Borough Council, called the scheme a “major coup” for the area that will contribute to making the Woking high street a “vibrant and interesting regional destination”.

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