Deliveroo reveals consumers takeaway spending habits

A report commissioned by Deliveroo found that vegan orders have shot up 163% during 2020

65% of customers are spending more on takeaways as “something to look forward toduring lockdown, research by Deliveroo reveals. 

The figures come as part of a report the delivery app has published to help “restaurants understand how to adapt their business to meet the growing demand for food delivery”.  

The report entitled ‘Share of Stomach’ found that vegan orders have shot up 163% during 2020 – while consumers ordering food because they are hungover has decreased by 52%. 

It was also discovered that 85% of customers say they order delivery more often or the same than they did before the pandemic. 

Since the start of the pandemic Deliveroo has offered financial support for independent restaurants, including a £0 joining fee for new partners and 0% commission on pick up deliveries during lockdown. 

The extension of support comes as Deliveroo announces that 20,00 new restaurants joined the platform in 2020.

Carlo Mocci, chief business officer UKI said: “Food delivery has been vital for restaurants across the country, helping them boost their revenue whilst being closed to dine-in guests.With customers set to grow their appetite for ordering food online, this new report aims to help restaurants maximise sales through delivery.

“Deliveroo is committed to finding new ways to help our partners thrive, from expert advice and webinars, to relief measures including £0 onboarding fees and 0% commission on pick-up deliveries during lockdown. We have been here for our partners through the pandemic and we will be here for them through the recovery.”

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