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The Good Eating Company launches workplace delivery service

The Good Eating Company (GEC) has announced the launch of Good Eating Delivered, a new workplace food delivery solution for London-based workers.

According to the group, the service is designed for urban markets and will “support businesses as they look to re-engage with their employees and clients in a safe and sustainable way” as more employees return to city workplaces over the coming months. 

For its new service, GEC, which forms part of the Sodexo group, will use its central production unit in central London. The service will also be powered by Sodexo’s digital retail app.

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The menus for Good Eating Delivered have been designed by GEC chefs, and include breakfast and lunch, covering hospitality and individual grab & go options.  

Initially, Good Eating Delivered will serve current GEC and Sodexo clients in central London and large London business parks. 

Carlos Mistry, managing director for the Good Eating Company said: “Good Eating Delivered is a natural addition to our onsite food service, allowing us to provide the flexibility that our clients need now as workplace models are rapidly changing, and giving us a strong new offer with which to target new audiences.

At its core Good Eating Delivered will have the same commitment to freshly prepared, simple food, beautifully executed.”

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