Deliveroo to take on hotels and events with relaunched corporate offering

Deliveroo has announced that it will relaunch its revamped corporate offering, ‘Deliveroo for Business’, with aims to provide food delivery services to over 7,000 corporate customers in 15 minutes.

The service, which launched in September 2016, is being extended with the addition of new features and services. Deliveroo said it is seeking to be the “definitive food company”, offering people food “whenever and wherever they want it”, and added that this new offering is a “vital part” of the company achieving that vision.

New services which will be available for businesses include a hotel room service, catering for large scale events and fruit basket and snack deliveries to offices.

Deliveroo for Business trialed its hotel room service in Australia in partnership with Quest Apartment hotels and will be rolling out the service internationally. This could mean hotels would no longer need to operate room service in-house which Deliveroo says “tends to be very expensive” for the properties.

In August 2017, Deliveroo catered for a drone racing championship and will be catering its first wedding this December in London.

Juan Diego Farah, global head of Deliveroo for Business, said: “In just two years we’ve seen Deliveroo for Business customers completely reinvent the way they interact with food at work, seeing great food as a key retention tool in an increasingly competitive work market. Our new services will continue provide even more opportunities for businesses to fuel and treat employees, guests and customers.”

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