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Atalian Servest makes double acquisition

Atalian Servest has announced that it has made a double acquisition, both The Unique Catering Company and Thermotech.

The company’s first acquisitions since the merger between Atalian and Servest will see its portfolio strengthened in both the contract catering sector and under the Arthur Mckay group with the acquisition of Thermotech, a leading provider of fire protection systems, HVAC and mechanical services.

The acquisition of Thermotech will aim to increase Atalian Servest’s footprint in the retail, commercial, industrial, residential and public sectors. In addition, it is hoped it will enable the organisation to provide a critical self-delivered solution in the fire protection sector to its European client base.

Atalian Servest’s acquisition of the Unique Catering Company brings sites in the commercial, retail, leisure and manufacturing sectors to Atalian Servest. The expertise and support from the Unique team will enable the company to continue developing into new markets.

Rob Legge, chairman at Atalian Servest, said: “Atalian Servest’s recent acquisitions are a case in point that there is a real commitment to enhance our presence across the sector spectrum, and to grow globally as we continue to better serve our customers.

“We’re thrilled to be able to expand again with these new acquisitions and look forward to continually revolutionise our multifaceted offering.”

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