Le Cordon Bleu London launches new wine programme

Le Cordon Bleu, a global network of culinary arts and hospitality management institutes, is launching a new intensive Certificate in Wine and Beverage Studies in London, in March 2019.

The three-month programme aims to educate students about all the intricacies of “everything from Cote de Rhone to Shiraz, Craft Beer to Sake, coffee to mixology”. The programme will cover a wide range of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic including cocktails, spirits, coffees and teas.

Le Cordon Bleu says the aim of the Certificate in Wine and Beverage Studies is to enable students to:

  • Discover wines from all over the world with tastings

  • Explore a large range of hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • Understand the basics of wine production and how it influences the taste of the final product

  • Appreciate a variety of gastronomic cultures through food and beverage pairing

  • Acquire techniques for wine sensory analysis

Wine development manager, Matthieu Longuere, said: “This is a really exciting addition to the wine education offering at Le Cordon Bleu. We know from our own experience that a deep understanding of beverages can only be achieved through hands on learning – and that’s what this certificate offers. We look forward to welcoming our first intake of students this spring.”

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