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Romain Bourger named UK Sommelier of the Year

The Vineyard Hotel’s Romain Bourger has been UK Sommelier of the Year 2019 at an event which took place at The Savoy on 8 July.

Bourger has previously won Young Sommelier of the Year 2016 and Moet UK Sommelier of the Year 2017. He leads the six person strong team of sommeliers from around the world, including Spanish Sommelier of the Year, Diego Gonzalez.

The award process starts early each year with several regional finals to attend, with 12 successful candidates from the regional finals are invited to attend the semi-finals and finals day in London. Candidates were judged on a written questionnaire, a blind tasting and a practical skill, the top six were asked to compete for a place in the final.

Bourger said “I’ve competed six times, so patience is a virtue. I had a great time on stage today. I stressed quite a bit but kept it inside. I thought I was consistent throughout the day and am delighted to have come out on top.”

Andrew McKenzie, managing director, The Vineyard added: “I think I was more nervous than Romain. Underneath that happy, relaxed exterior he must have nerves of steel. Since starting as a young assistant seven years ago, it has been a joy seeing Romain develop and grow into the rounded and talented individual he is today. It proves that humility and dedication to your craft can take you wherever you want to go in the world of sommeliers.”

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