Why it’s essential for takeaways/fast food restaurants to clean extract/vents during Covid

On behalf of Grease Gone

We all know the dangers that lurk when extract and ventilation ducting isn’t cleaned. The fire risk from a build up of particles and grease can be catastrophic but did you know there’s now further need to clean your vents and ducting more so and it’s due to Covid?

Vents and extracts are there to remove airborne particles from our atmosphere. In a commercial kitchen such as one in a takeaway or fast food restaurant, the grease build up within the ventilation systems can actually be quite rapid. The amount of grease used within the kitchen will automatically be removed from the air space and passed through the extractor fans and vents. It’s here that the build up will occur, which is why takeaway kitchen cleaning services are essential.

Normally, while we want to ensure clean air for those working in and around the kitchen, and of course the food we prepare there, it’s now more important than ever that we focus on cleaning our extracts and vents more routinely in the fight against Covid. Why?

Dirty Extractor Fans Are Breeding Grounds For Bacteria

As extractor fans and ventilation systems continue to do their job, a buildup of grease occurs. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Once this build up occurs, it also means the extraction and ventilation system become far less efficient at their job and ultimately far less efficient at removing the stale air from the commercial kitchen.

This results in the air within the kitchen becoming laden with not only grease but of course, should their be any carriers of Covid within the kitchen area, the virus that has swept the nation. This makes the spread of the virus much easier. Not only will it now spread via the touch points we find ourselves cleaning multiple times throughout the day, but it will now spread rapidly through the air as the ventilation and extraction systems fail to do their job as effectively. 

Take Control With Regular Cleaning

Without properly cleaning kitchen extraction and ventilation systems thoroughly and regularly, especially kitchen exhausts and flues, you’re ultimately putting your staff and customers at risk of breathing in contaminated air. Not only that, but you are in effect, preparing food in a contaminated space too.

Contact The Experts

Thankfully, there are simple ways to avoid this and that’s through the help of a commercial cleaning company who specialise in this area. We recommend Grease Gone, a specialist UK commercial cleaning company who can provide one of the most affordable and high quality ventilation and extraction system cleans. 

Their teams are fully trained and widely experienced within this field, and can ensure your systems are clean, clear and ready to work efficiently at ensuring the air in your commercial kitchen is always clean and as Covid-secure as possible. Contact them today on 020 88663 413.

On behalf of Grease Gone

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