Wahaca to launch UK’s first AR menu

Wahaca has announced it has partnered with Poplar Studio to launch a new augmented reality (AR) menu to showcase its dishes and create an “interactive customer experience”.

The Web AR effect will reportedly enable customers to interact with the menu making it the first of its kind in the UK.

By scanning a QR code which has been printed on more than 60,000 physical Wahaca menus with their smartphone customers will be given an interactive experience that minimises the risks imposed by physical menus on Covid-19.

The experience will project AR information on top of “existing physical menus” which will allow customers to navigate the menu but also access pictures of dishes, descriptions, and additional information such as ingredients, allergens and sustainability practices.

Mark Selby, co-founder for Wahaca, said: “At Wahaca we have always sought to inspire our guests, both in the restaurant with our food and service and in the wider world.

“We’re very excited about collaborating with Poplar Studio as this AR experience brings our menu to life to visually inspire our customers about our food, ingredients and sustainability. ”

David Ripert, CEO for Poplar Studio, added: “We’re delighted to be working with Wahaca – a pioneer in the food and drink industry – on bringing its menus to life. AR is the perfect technology for restaurants looking to enhance their customer experience in unique and exciting ways.

“We believe interactive menus are just the beginning. It’s great to see Wahaca taking the initiative to engage customers through the use of innovative technology.”

The AR experience will also reportedly be linked to a digital payment system to enable contact-free payments directly from the customers table.

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