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Stansted Airport to welcome first ever on-site drive-through

London Stansted Airport has identified a location on its estate for two new drive-through food and beverage units.

The 13.3-hectare (133,000sqm) plot of land is situated on a key route out of the airport. Located southbound on Thremhall Avenue, the two units will be positioned to serve customers driving to and from the airport to park or drop off passengers.

Richard Cross, head of retail at London Stansted Airport said: “We look forward to welcoming two new drive-through units to the airport this year. As part of the airport’s current transformation programme, the on-site drive-through will make a great addition to our impressive range of dining options.

“The airport will see several enhancements over the next twelve months, including the new drive-through units on-site, along with improvements made to the existing car parks and new multi-storey car park opening this summer.”

Stansted Airport serves over 28 million passengers per year and has the capability to serve up to 43 million per year, the airport’s close proximity to the M11 and A120 providing easy access for customers from a wide catchment area.

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